• Collaboration and Facilitiation

    "When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion."

    Ethiopian Proverb

    Collaboration Is the Practice of Cooperating

    Collaborative methods are processes, behaviors and conversations that relate to collaboration between individuals. These methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem solving.

    Collaboration is a process defined by the recurring interaction of knowledge and mutual learning between two or more people who are working together, in a professional endeavor, toward a common goal which is typically creative in nature.

    Cooperation is a basic life skill that helps us work successfully in groups and interact harmoniously with others. Attributes of a Cooperative Person

    • LISTENS carefully to others and seeks to understand what they are saying.
    • SHARES when you have something others would like to have.
    • TAKES TURNS when there is something that nobody wants to do, or when more than one person wants to do the same thing.
    • COMPROMISES when you have a conflict.
    • DOES THEIR PART the very best they can. This will inspire others to do the same.
    • SHOWS APPRECIATION to people for what they contribute.
    • ENCOURAGES PEOPLE to do their best.
    • MAKE PEOPLE FEEL NEEDED Working together is a lot more fun that way.
    • DON'T ISOLATE OR EXCLUDE ANYONE. Everybody has something valuable to offer, and nobody likes being left out.