• Lesson Study

    "Traveler, there is no road. The road is created as we walk it together."

    Antonio Machado

    "Lesson study encompasses a large family of instructional improvement strategies, the shared feature of which is observation of live classroom lessons by a group of teachers who collect data on teaching and learning and collaboratively analyze it."

    Lesson study is professional development model that develops these practices:

    • Educators involved in collaborative planning
    • Educators discussing goals for students and content
    • Educators researching available units, lessons and resources
    • Educators building and implementing lessons together
    • Educators observe lesson together
    • Educators collect data from lessons
    • Educators collaboratively analyze data
    • Educators implement changes to practice to improve learning and teaching

    The following resources introduce lesson study in more detail including some guiding questions for your team.



    Introduction to Lesson Study PowerPoint
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    Introduction to Lesson Study38.5 KB
    Study Group Discussion Questions
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    Collegial Conversations Model
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