• Student Work

    The National Staff Development Center states that the practice of having teachers work together to study student work is one of the most promising professional development strategies in recent years. Examining student work helps teachers intimately understand how state and local standards apply to their teaching practice and to student work.

    Teachers are able to think more deeply about their teaching and what students are learning. As they see what students produce in response to their assignments, they can see the successes as well as the situations where there are gaps. In exploring those gaps, they can improve their practice in order to reach all students.

    Intensive examination of student work is key to creating and sustaining a professional learning community. It as a crucial element in deeply understanding the connections between what teachers think they’re teaching and what students are learning.

    The following resources will help PLCs prepare for student work sessions.



    Choosing a Lesson Study Theme
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    Guide to Student Work
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    Examples of Focusing Questions for Looking at Student Work
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    Further Thoughts about Learning from Student Work
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    Guide to Lesson Study
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    Methods for Learning from Student Work
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    Preconference Guide
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